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If your home or business has experienced a severe storm, call us to inspect the roof and get a piece of mind, one way or the other. Just know our staff is here for you! 

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Our services

​​​​​​​​​​​*New Specialty Service- Ugly Black Algae Streak Removal

We now offer black streak removal. Jeff Glaze- The Founder of Black Off Roofing has teamed up with us on this new service. We use the technique that ARMA recommends and the only one that WILL NOT void your roof warranty. 70% of roofs in the Southeast have black algae streaks & most of these roofs are as new as 6yrs old. If your roof does not have storm damage but just looks horrible from black streaks, we can remove them on any property. If your selling a home the black streaks can cause major issues before a closing. Call us today to remove that issue.


*Locating & Documenting Hail/Wind damage- Storm Damage Restoration

Locating, documenting and presenting roof damage to any insurance company is one of our great services. You don't go to court with a non experienced attorney so don't go up against a tough ins company with just any roofer. We get claims done!

Emergency tarping offered and negotiating with all ins carriers on our clients behalf and getting the claim approved so the damage can be fixed soon as possible to prevent further damage.


​*Commercial and Residential Roofing (Asphalt roofs) - Storm damage​ & Installing Ridge vent Ventilation systems

Replacing asphalt shingles on any residence, office complex, Apartment building, town home community or place of business. Negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that a storm damage claim is properly settled.

Our Installers are trained in cutting the ridge of any property to add a ridge vent system. This will allow more hot air to release out of the roof which will help lower the temp and power bills of that structure

*Realtor listings, Rental/Investment property Assistance Program

We gladly assist/ work with many real estate agents and their clients. We inspect the roof on listings they have to insure there is not any storm damage before a potential buyer places an offer on that home or business. Our goal here is to simply prevent any issues that could slow up the closing or lower the value/asking price for our realtors and their clients. If the roof has hail or wind damage we want to address it immediately. Get the insurance company involved right away and push them to replace that roof if needed. By doing this it will save a closing from being postponed along with making sure the sale brings top dollar for that transaction. Adding a new roof with a 50 year transferable warranty while the home is on the market will certainly make the sale on that property go much smoother.