We understand how stressful getting your entire roof

taken off and replaced can be. SE Roof Advisors 

guarantees to make the process as easy as possible

for every client.

We will communicate professionally with you and the

Insurance company on your behalf every step of

the claim process to ensure your insurance claim is

covered and most importantly,done correctly from the start.

Our Hassle Free Step-by-Step Process to A New Roof!


Our roofing process starts with a very thorough and professional inspection.

We photograph and record all findings into a very structured/ detailed report. From there, we ADVISE you on what we find during inspection.


Once we have reviewed the findings from our inspection we will then ADVISE 

you on all of your options.  Whether it be filing a storm damage claim or simply

letting you know that your roof is in good shape as is. Once the amount of

damage covered by your insurance carrier is determined, we will work directly

with the insurance adjuster and manage the claim process for you.



After the claim process is completed we will assist and ADVISE you on our roofing products for your new roof project. We will work with you to choose the very best color for your home, as well as all other materials including flashing, underlayment,  Ridge vent ventilation systems and finishing. Synthetic felt, streak free from algae resistance shingles and heat advasive weather guard sealant are some of our materials used on every job.


We will discuss the installation process and ADVISE you on what to expect from

us during this project. We will also ensure you that your home and landscaping

will be left in the same condition as it was when we started. We will do a pre walk-through and note any special concerns or request you have for us.


Our company prides itself in excellent workmanship. We start and finish our

projects in a timely and professional manner. After our project is finished we

will do a complete walk through with you and answer any questions you may

have. We will review and ADVISE you on your 50 year warranty. Lastly, we will

make sure you are completely satisfied with our work before we leave.


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Southeast ROOF ADVISORS - Storm Damage Claim Process

If your home or business has experienced damage from Hurricane Michael, CALL US FOR HELP WITH NEGOTIATING W/  INSURANCE CLAIM. WE GUARANTEE TO REBUILD YOUR HOME BETTER THAN BEFORE."OWNED/OPERATED BY BAY CO. NATIVE"             CALL (770)572-0019 or (850)320-7700 Panhandle Florida